The Management

Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science is managed by Sree Narayana Trust, Vamanapuram


Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science is managed by Sree Narayana Trust, Vamanapuram along with a team of management professionals, teachers and non-teaching staff. The team is passionate about teaching and delivering quality education to discerning students. The team works whole heartedly and in tandem for the benefit of the students.


Mr. G. Satheesan


Mr. Satheesan is a well known business man in UAE and India, who is the Executive Director of Royal Group of Companies, that has a market presence in more than 45 countries in Africa, Asia, CIS, Europe and MENA countries.

Mr. Satheesan is an untiring entrepreneur, management specialist and above all a good philanthropist. His commitment and contributions to the society where he lives in and the community he belongs to has earned great appreciation and recognition.

While being part of Sree Narayana Trust, Vamanapuram, Mr. Satheesan is one of the visionaries who dreamt, conceptualized and realized an educational institution that is affordable and of good quality. Mr. Satheesan’s vision for Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science is to deliver quality education for all.

Mr. Satheesan, a resident of UAE for more than 40 years, aims to shape the future of the younger generation, educate and train them to meet the challenges of the modern world. He considers Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science as one step towards this aim.

Managing Trustee

Mr. N. Madhusoodhanan


Mr. N. Madhusoodhanan is a Civil Engineer by profession with nearly 50 years of experience in executing and manging Building Projects in India and the Middle East. An ardent social worker, Mr. N. Madhusoodhanan is actively involved in various projects related to the overall development of government schools located in the Village areas of Kerala.

Since 2014, he is part of the management team of Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science providing professional advice and guidance and looking after the overall management of the college. He considers education as a social commitment to the society and endeavors to deliver his best to meet this commitment.

Vice – Chairman

Mr. Chandran Babu


Mr. Chandra Babu is a committed social worker and has been part of many social movements. He is the voice of the society and always supportive to the good causes. His vision is to have an educationally forward and culturally high thinking new generation. To achieve this vision, Mr. Chandra Babu chose to become a part of Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science

Mr. Chandra Babu contributes his expertise and social skills to the College in the capacity of Vice Chairman of the board. His invaluable experience and influence in the local society is an invaluable asset to the College.


Mr. J. Vijayan


Ex Director of Indroyal Furniture, Mr.Vijayan Janardhanan, a Mechanical Engineer by profession has about 40 years of experience working with Indian and Overseas companies. He was instrumental in developing Indroyal and establishing the brand as a leading supplier of quality furniture in India.

His management expertise coupled with his vision of delivering quality and value to the society gives Dr. Palpu College of Arts and Science added value to what the College envisages – which is accessible quality education for all.  Mr.Vijayan Janardhanan is in the capacity of Secretary of the college and is involved in the day-to-day management.


Mr. Akhil Satheesh

Trustee Member

Mrs. Suni Satheesan

Trustee Member

Dr. Aromal Satheesh